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    Your Brand Influence is NOT a Metric

    Inbound links tell a story. But they don’t tell your brand story.

    Brand value is more than a series of data points. Your brand value is equal to your level of influence. But is influence quantifiable?

    Real influence is illustrated in the following scenarios The boardroom is in disarray with dozens of voices and opinions…
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    Personal and Professional Brand Balance

    In the words of the great comedian Mitch Hedburg

    “You cannot make all of the people happy all the time, and last night all of those people were at my show.”

    This is as true in life as it is on stage.

    Unless you are an independent contractor, consultant or community marketer, your personal brand …

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    President G.W. Bush: The Brand Challenge

    He served his country to the best of his ability for 8 long years. Yet despite his good intentions his nation did not seem to approve of his actions. And so, after countless hours campaigning and nearly a decade of public service, he leaves behind a personal brand in shambles. This is not the legacy …

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