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    How To Brand Yourself When You’re Just Starting Out.

    A lot of personal branding advice is about putting yourself out there so that others to see you as an expert on a subject.

    But what do you do when you’re just starting out in your field and don’t feel that you have a ton of expertise or unique information to share?  What if you’re …

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    Overcoming The Urge To Fit In

    I have a confession to make. It is a confession that you probably did not expect from someone who writes about Personal Branding.  But it’s absolutely true!  Here it is:

    Every time I go to a networking event (to promote my personal brand), I start off by making myself as unnoticeable as possible. I slide …

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    Trust Your Worth

    No matter what you’re doing personal branding for, there will come a time you’ll get asked that terrifying question: “how much?”  That’s the one most people struggle with the most: you don’t want to be too high – or you won’t get the business, and you don’t want to be too low – or you’ll …

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    Network Like You (Should) Date.

    All too often, networking events feel like going to a bad singles’ mixer.  There’s always that one guy racing around the venue, collecting contact info like it’s a contest.  Or that one woman you just met who asks invasive premature questions about your work trying to decide if you’re the “one” (who can help her …

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    HOW TO: Build a Strong Online Brand in 14.5 Hours per Week

    A Wall Street Journal blog post by Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite, last week entitled, “A Resume Is Not Enough: How to Market Yourself Online” makes a really good point in the headline alone: having a positive online presence is more important than ever.

    And if you’re without a job right now, you should have …

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    Stop Saying You “Can Do Anything!”

    Not long ago, I had the experience of working with a new intern. While we were having a coffee, I asked her about herself and how she saw herself helping us during her stay.

    “Oh, I can do anything,” she gushed. “I’m just so happy to be here that I’ll do whatever you want me …

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    Personal Branding to Prevent Career Suicide

    Two days ago I read an article on CNNMonday.com about how many people are afraid that taking a “survival job” to make ends meet now will destroy their career when the economy picks up again.

    That’s very understandable.  When you’re forced into a lower-level job than you were currently doing, or find yourself doing a …

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    Don’t Be a Negative Nancy!

    In college, I had a friend who was always complaining about some aspect of her life. Her classes weren’t going right, a friend wasn’t being nice to her, and all the guys she met were jerks.  Of course, she was great to talk to when I wanted to complain about something–but not a lot of …

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    Revealed: PBB Experts and Personal Branding Success

    Success stories are inspiring, so I asked every Personal Branding Blog contributor to describe when they first felt their own personal branding success.


    Dan Schawbel:

    There were two main instances that had proved the power of personal branding to me and they both happened in unison.  First, after six months between March 14th and …

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    Make Sure You Avoid this Online Branding Fiasco

    Earlier this week, I heard about an acquaintance who had misrepresented himself on LinkedIn.  He changed his profile to only show partial information about his work history.  Plus, he added a company profile for his new consulting business and grossly lied about his 2009 revenue and the number of employees he had.  All those changes …

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