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    8 LinkedIn Updates to Make Yourself More Hirable

    When you’re on the job market, you can call on your LinkedIn connections — school affiliations, friends, friends of friends, former employers or coworkers — for assistance. Useful information is at your fingertips. Pity the poor job seekers of yesteryear who had to spend far more time for far less payoff.

    But when you’re looking …

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    How To Establish Your Personal Brand As A LinkedIn Influencer

    Building a personal brand comes through through increased visibility online and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create compelling content that is shared on social media. LinkedIn is a top spot for professionals, and allows for your articles to get more traction.

    Original …

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    Successfully Use LinkedIn InMail to Attract More Sales

    In the midst of hundreds of sales messages each day it is important to send out LinkedIn communication the right way for your personal brand. In order to gain the respect and attention of your network you need to appear professional and establish authentic relationships first.

    How can your personal brand attract more sales through …

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    Time to Clean Up Your Act

    It’s Spring Time!

    At least in the northern hemisphere.

    Which means … it’s time to take a look at the way you are exposing and expressing yourself to the world.

    It’s time to take a look at your your social channels and your plans for using them.

    There is no wrong answer

    More and more …

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    Mastering Your LinkedIn Profile

    How often do you look at other people’s LinkedIn profiles?

    How often do you look at your own LinkedIn profile?

    If the answer to the second question is never … it’s time to bite the bullet.

    Take 5 minutes and read this post, then go to your LinkedIn profile and do a quick sanity check …

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    Mastering Hygiene on LinkedIn

    Have you done a LinkedIn Checkup lately?

    If not, now is the time.

    It won’t take long and it’s not hard.

    Over the last few weeks I have written a series of posts about Mastering LinkedIn. The topics were purposely short and consumable. I created short videos for each of them and posted the written …

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    Mastering the Under-Share on LinkedIn

    Everything you say is being recorded.

    Be careful what you share.

    How to make sure you don’t share everything, every time … on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn by default will share everything you post with everyone in your network. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as you start to build your network and grow your reputation …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Private View

    Who’s been looking at your LinkedIn Profile?

    What LinkedIn Profiles have you been looking at?

    There are three options for LinkedIn profile privacy.

    This LinkedIn option is part of the Privacy Settings that allows you to determine how much information you share when you are viewing someone else’s LinkedIn Profile.

    I’ll explore all three of …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Connection

    We’ve all done it.

    That lazy LinkedIn connection request.

    We collectively need to stop.

    Take 2 and Personalize It

    Before sending that next LinkedIn Connection request take 2 minutes and make it personal. Here is a video that shows you how in less than 2 minutes. Let the person know how you met, where you …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Unvite

    There are times when you realize you need to pull back.

    I’m talking about LinkedIn invites.

    And, there is nothing wrong with this.

    Why Unvites are OK and When to Use Them (video)

    Reality Check

    Have you ever sent out a bunch of LinkedIn invitations? Who hasn’t?

    Maybe you just joined a new company or…
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