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    How to Use Video to Effectively Build Your Brand

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    A strong brand presence addresses the needs of consumers and the brand alike. Quality branding helps customers feel uniquely empowered by the brand, via enhancements like increased productivity or knowledge. The brand itself benefits from customers who develop loyalty, increasing the chances they advocate for the brand to friends and family. Quality branding can result …

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    Get More Fans and Followers for Your Personal Brand with Live Stories

    Today it’s not about just posting content on our blog and social media, but rather attracting people to your personal brand in a way they can relate to. In order to grow your audience it is important to take advantage of the latest trends, including live stories on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

    How can you …

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    Your Good Attitude is Everything

    Coworking Agreement

    If you “sing” at work, it shows in person and online. When you look, think, and act with deep cheerfulness, you:

    • Lighten yours and others’ burdens • Increase your physical, mental, and emotional energy • Have a better chance of fighting off a cold • Make experiences delightful • Have more fun than pessimists …

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