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    Using the Holiday Season to Bolster Mobile Ecommerce

    Holidays can be a trying time for any company. While some companies see increased profitability and patronage during this time of year, other businesses struggle with marketing, consumer interest and increasing labor costs. However, many of these issues can be eliminated by adapting your ecommerce platform to the mobile-centric nature of today’s online shoppers.

    Start …

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    10 Factors That Determine a Great Hire’s Personal Brand

    What do you look for when evaluating potential employees’ personal brands?

    The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow …

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    Improve Your Personal Brand’s Content Marketing Reach

    A successful content marketing strategy is important for your personal brand to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Spreading your message across multiple channels will help create even more visibility.

    There are several platforms that your brand can publish to for free, which can attract more readers who can be directed to your …

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    Tips for Telling Your Company’s Story

    In a consumer world full of websites and apps that direct customers to the cheapest gas, best deals and lower-priced everything, it can be increasingly difficult to earn customer loyalty. Sometimes your business can’t or won’t compete on price for products and services, so you must gain customer attention through other means.

    Making that human …

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    8 Tech Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

    There’s no denying, entrepreneurs – or those aspiring to be – must retain as much knowledge as they possibly can and they must also continue to grow it. That’s because, in order to be successful in any market, you’ll need to hone your skills, knowledge and be vigilant in your work.

    That’s why, in addition …

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    Use Book Launch to Promote Your Next Personal Brand

    Publishing is a great way to promote your brand and build expertise. Not only can you create a buzz about your message, but attract new clients. So if you haven’t written a short (or long) book, yet -put that on your to-do list.  Once completed, it takes the right promotion strategy to make this successful …

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    Trade Show Guide: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

    Trade shows are a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs to help grow their business and improve personal branding. Businesses with an exhibit at a trade show can grow their brands quickly due to accessible networking with niche leaders. They can also engage show attendees with an informative and eye-catching booth, which often results in leads.

    Entrepreneurs …

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    Attract Website Visitors for Your Personal Brand Through Social Media

    A successful traffic generation strategy for your website is done with a combination of great optimization, content, and a solid social media marketing strategy. The new rules of SEO don’t need to be a hindrance to attracting more visitors as using this powerful online tool helps your brand connect with your audience.

    How do you …

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    America, the Land of Marketing and Selling

    Every morning when I get to my computer, I’m amazed at how many companies have targeted me as someone in need of their products or services. I take it in stride, though, because in 99 percent of the cases, I’m of course not interested, and I know that the e-mail has been sent to a …

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    Create a Successful Promotion for Your Personal Brand Book

    In today’s information age eBooks have become wildly popular, especially on Amazon. With fierce competition among thousands of publishers it can be a challenge for the book you have written for your personal brand to stand out. Hiring a professional consultant can help bring your work to the forefront and navigate you through the process.…

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