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    Be Memorable

    In a typical hiring process, it is common for an organization to receive hundreds of applicants for a single job opening, phone screen 10-20 individuals, and hold face-to-face interviews with as many as 5 or 6 candidates. If the employer is looking to hire multiple candidates, this scenario leads to even greater numbers as a …

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    Imposter Syndrome

    The other day I was speaking with a colleague about Impostor Syndrome. In short, Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenal where individuals cannot internalize their accomplishments. We shared stories of clients who were very successful but lacked confidence in their abilities to be successful. The clients could not credit their success to their talents and/or …

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    Personal Brand – Internal Controls

    In a recent workshop, collegiate student-athletes were learning about the concept of one’s “Personal Brand”. This is not to suggest people should view themselves as a product like TIDE or a service such as the one provided by UPS, nor should they begin to refer to themselves in the third person. During the session, the …

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    Interview Story Telling

    The other week, my blog post encouraged individuals to focus on Four Words during their interviews to help communicate an image or personal brand. As we discover which four words we wish to weave into our conversations with prospective employers, we now shift our attention to how to insert these words into conversations without forcing …

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