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    What the Lost Series Finale Taught Me About Personal Branding

    There is a fabulously complex concept sewn in to the fabric of the Lost series that not only confuses me, but makes me think about myself as a brand. Flash sideways is a seemingly new concept introduced through Lost that just doesn’t completely make sense to me. Somehow it enables the ability for parallel lives …

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    I Would Rather Shoot at Fish in a Barrel

    This is not a new idea but I think it needs reinforcement in the world of personal branding. The idea is the concept of location based social networking and small being the new BIG.

    Chris Brogan has a post that further enforces my idea that SMALL is the new BIG in Social Media. His post …

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    Personal Branding and the Digital Economy

    The world is changing and it’s going to have a monumental affect on every profession and person. The rules and boundaries have shifted as the internet and social networking have evolved into staples of our everyday lives.

    Change is inevitable – growth is a choice

    The world economy is in the process of going digital …

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    Why You Should Update Your Personal Avatar Now

    When should you update your personal avatar?

    I asked you that question and got some good responses. Combined with some extra insight, here are the reasons why now might be a good time for an avatar update.

    7 avatar cases

    Avatar not achieving branding goals

    Is your avatar following the 11 Rules for Best Personal …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Julia Angwin

    Today, I spoke with Julia Angwin, who works for the Wall Street Journal and is the author of Stealing MySpace.  In this interview she talks to us about her new book, the story of MySpace, how it compares to Facebook, and if MySpace is safe for kids.

    What is unique about the story of MySpace?…
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    Unlocking Personal Branding Secrets on Second Life and MySpace

    Today, I spoke with Sean Percival, who has written a book on MySpace and Second Life, both of which we haven’t discussed on this blog.  I don’t use either of them, so I can’t give you advice, but Sean certainly can.  From this conversation, you’ll notice that these social networks work better for some people, …

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    Are Personal Brands Protected on Social Networks?

    Today, I spoke with Larry Magid, who has been in the media for years and has published various books on internet safety. In this interview, we focus on the importance of protecting our online identities on social networks. I’m not much of a fan of MySpace, but if you’re on that social network, pay very …

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    Professional and Personal Communication Across Generations

    Today, I wanted to discuss how different generations communicate. The more you understand how to reach people properly, the more successful you will be with responses. Imagine yourself as the receiver before you send messages. This discussion will wrap around new and traditional methods of communication and serve as a resource for you, prior to …

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