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    The Job Offer Negotiation

    Computer Marketing

    It takes three steps to get a great job. First, you need a good enough résumé and LinkedIn profile to be fished out from an ocean of candidates. Otherwise, you are invisible and irrelevant! Second, you need to beat your competition in the contest called interviewing. After all, there’s only one job, and applicants not …

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    Job Termination Turnaround Success

    Paper Lanterns

    Whether it’s “your fault” or not, being let go is a traumatic experience. It invariably produces emotions ranging from disbelief and rage to guilt, shame, and depression. It generally creates financial stress, which can lead to serious anxiety and conflicts within families. And the sense of uncertainty and loss of control that goes with being …

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    5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Working

    Everybody knows there are costs associated with any job, whether it’s the amount of money spent on lunch or the expense of transportation just to get there. But what many don’t realize is those small outlays add up, costing workers thousands of dollars a year.

    Consider this: according to a new survey by Accounting Principals, …

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    Let Truth Guide You

    Whether you are buying, selling, or interviewing for a job, truth and consistency are important models to adhere to as you communicate with the other party. Otherwise unnecessary conflict will eventually arise.

    Digging deeper and deeper

    Those who choose not to be truthful and consistent, when put in the hot seat over a conflict, will …

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