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    The Importance of Focusing While in Transition

    I for one fully understand those in transition. I’ve been there at times myself–and for way too long. Life for the unemployed is hugely confusing. The quasi life equilibrium that used to exist before the transition period has been lost. And everybody you know seems to want to be helpful by giving you (nonprofessional) advice, …

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    10 Considerations Prior to Accepting a New Job

    working together

    The job market seems much better lately, and more and more offers are being extended to applicants. Some move into the new positions from other jobs and others from being in transition. In both cases, those job seekers miss out if they don’t take a holistic approach to specific evaluation of the new opportunity.

    Often, …

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    7 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

    Communication Networking

    Everyone ends up in an intense job hunt at some point in their life, no matter what their career path is. Jobs come and go, so looking for the right one can take some time. You’ve got to think about how much money you’ll earn, what you’ll be doing, and if the position will be …

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    Building Your Brand at Your New Job

    The national news outlets have been touting an uptick in hiring over the past year and if you are beginning a new role with a new organization, it is time to consider to your personal brand. During the interview process, you may have communicated your brand to the search committee by use of stories and …

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    Writing Your Personal Brand Bio When You Change Careers

    How do you redefine yourself professionally, when you’ve spent several years getting it down pat the first time?

    Timothy Brandt posed that question — sort of — to me and my Branding Yourself co-author Kyle Lacy last week on Twitter.

    How can I start my IT bio when I received experiences from business positions?

    For …

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