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Building Your Personal Brand When Things Go Wrong

Corporate and personal brand building is easy on sunny days when everything is proceeding on schedule.

This is true, whether you’re an employee, a self-employed professional, or a huge corporation–like one of the largest airlines in the world.

The real test of a brand’s commitment to brand building customer service is when everything goes wrong…like …

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7 Tips For Increasing Your Writing Productivity

Content is the currency of content marketing for personal branding, but productivity–i.e., your ability to write as efficiently as possible–is the lever that can speed your journey to personal branding success.


Whether you’re writing articles, blog posts, resumes, books, or ebooks, to build your personal brand, the fundamentals of writing productivity remain the same.

Use …

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Tips For Building Your Personal Brand by Writing Less

Build your personal brand by improving your ability to write concise, compelling, and informative content.

Conciseness is the biggest challenge many face when writing to build their personal brand. There’s more written about choosing topics, organizing information, and online delivery systems than there is about writing as concisely as possible.

What has been written about …

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Book Marketing Is Also Personal Brand Building

Each time you engage in book marketing and promotion, you’re also marketing and promoting your personal brand.

How you present your book’s marketing and promoting message is as important to your personal brand building as your website’s home and About Us pages.

Book titles are just the first step

For years, I’ve talked about power …

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Taking Stock Of Your 2011 Branding and Writing Progress

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, it’s time to take stock of your 2011 progress writing a book to build your personal brand.

In particular, did you make significant progress towards your goal of writing and publishing a brand-building book during the first-half of this year?

The following are some questions to help you evaluate …

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Visual Thinking for Personal Branding Success

Visual thinking is a strategic tool that can make a major contribution to the personal branding success of anyone who has to plan ahead, make decisions, or convince others.

Visual thinking involves more than simply choosing colors and typefaces that project the right image; visual thinking is also a collaboration tool that helps individuals and …