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    Personal Branding: The Seven Deadly Sins

    Since the dawn of the new millennium, Personal Branding has been going from strength to strength and is currently being touted as one of the ‘make or break’ factors for career success. Need recent proof to substantiate this claim? How about the inclusion of this blog on the Forbes ‘Top 75 Websites for your Career‘ …

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    5 Recommendations for new Social Media Pros

    Many readers of Personal Branding Blog have demonstrated a keen interest in working in social media and some have already joined the ranks of this forward-looking profession. I would like my first message to the newcomers to be a warm welcome: we need the best professionals to make our world go digital and anybody motivated …

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    A Letter to New Graduates

    Dear new graduates,

    A graduation is not only a happy occasion but also signals a turning point in the lives of those students who have proven their competence, skill and above all determination by successfully reaching the end of their prescribed curriculum. For some, it will be the prelude of further studies at postgraduate level …

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    Differentiate Or Die: The New Rules Of Personal Branding

    These are the best of times for personal branders; these are the worst of times for personal branders. Far from mere Dickensian wordplay, I believe this statement reflects a reality that old hands in the business will be quick to recognize and happy to give their assent to. Newcomers may soon find out the hard …

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    An Amazing Journey Of Self-Discovery

    According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the whole purpose of our lives was to – by the exercise of our senses – recover through learning the knowledge we once had before our birth. Paraphrasing St Ignatius of Loyola, the towering figure of XX century psychology Carl Gustav Jung updated Plato’s vision when he claimed …

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    The Dream of Viral Marketing

    So many empty promises have been made and so much misinformation revolves around the issue of Viral Marketing that I feel obliged to make a solemn statement at the start of this post that I very much hope you will take to heart and keep in mind on your way to personal branding stardom: never …

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    ‘Long Live Personal Branding’: A Response to Olivier Blanchard

    It was long overdue that someone should “sound the death knell of all things personal branding”. After all, we personal branding enthusiasts should not expect we deserve any better treatment than SEO, Klout or Facebook (let alone, as Nietzsche proclaimed, God). This time round the honor belongs to blogger and author Olivier Blanchard, who in …

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    Kickstart Your Personal Branding Journey In 2012

    Here we are, starting a new year where so much will happen: the London Olympics, the US Presidential Election, the end of the current global financial crisis (we hope!) and tons of other exciting stuff. Did you get your new calendar yet? Any New Year resolutions? Concerned about how to start the year on the …

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    Personal Branding for Minorities: Shining Even Brighter

    Some of us – and when we are courageous enough to speak up, we end up realizing that we are many many more that we initially think- grew up knowing that we were the odd one out in an often harsh and unwelcoming world. Or we learnt it abruptly as a result of a major …

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    Three Popular Misconceptions About Personal Branding

    Thanks to the wonderful contributions of personal branding trailblazers such as Tom Peters, Dan Schawbel, William Arruda or Peter Montoya, personal branding has been slowly but surely entering the mainstream. Today, we can fearlessly assert that personal branding is here to stay and that millions are called to benefit from building a solid brand (using …

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