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    Mistakes of a Lifetime

    We all make mistakes: but not all mistakes are of the same nature, carry the same consequences or hurt ourselves and others to the same degree. And to rub salt in the wound, we might add that there are some mistakes – the mistakes of a lifetime – for which there does not seem to …

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    Is Your Personal Brand Making Ageism Worse?

    You wouldn’t brand yourself as inflexible, non-current, stuck in your ways, unwilling to adapt new skills, tired, out of touch, retired-on-the-job, unmanageable, unwilling to take constructive feedback, or overpriced … would you?

    Well, you certainly wouldn’t brand yourself this way on purpose.

    Yet that’s exactly what many 40+ job seekers do, without realizing it.

    Could …

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    Why Do You Brand Yourself As A Desperate Candidate?

    Few of us would brand ourselves as desperate on purpose. But many job seekers brand themselves as desperate without even knowing it.

    Many traditional “tried and true” job search tactics can brand you as desperate today.

    Why are tactics that used to be commonly accepted (even appreciated), now considered as desperation moves?

    When the job …

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    4 Common Resume Personal Branding Mistakes

    Personal Branding Mistakes

    As we discussed in my 7/16/12 column, your resume brands you, whether you like it or not. Don’t let it become one of your personal branding mistakes .

    As TheLadders.com recent eye mapping study so clearly showed us, resume readers make a decision within the first 4 – 6 seconds if your resume bears further …

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    The New Twitter Ostriches

    Twitter has become the preferred channel to test the mood of the person in the street, and specifically those in the all-important digital community including millennials and other key elements of the population. And every institution, brand or person who systematically fails to listen, respond, engage or interact with not just her clients but the …

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    Three Popular Misconceptions About Personal Branding

    Thanks to the wonderful contributions of personal branding trailblazers such as Tom Peters, Dan Schawbel, William Arruda or Peter Montoya, personal branding has been slowly but surely entering the mainstream. Today, we can fearlessly assert that personal branding is here to stay and that millions are called to benefit from building a solid brand (using …

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    4 Biggest Personal Branding Mistakes People Make

    When you’re creating your personal brand, there are a few pitfalls you need to watch out for. They’re basic mistakes, but a lot of people still make them, and hurt their chances to make an impact in their job search or their campaign to boost their workplace reputation. Here are four of the biggest personal …

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