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    Are you a 2.0 Egotist?

    One of the harshest (and in my view, mostly unfair) criticisms hurled at personal branding is that – when taken to its fullest expression – it encourages and promotes self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, narcissism and plain outright selfishness. Although anyone familiar with the brief yet intense history of personal branding models and philosophies in the XXI century …

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    The Day That Influence Became The New Online Currency

    In the past couple of weeks, we have been witness to the furore about online influence reaching new heights. It was, for the most part, thanks to the rekindling of the public debate around online influence measuring and its effectiveness brought about by the recent release of Brian Solis’ report ‘The Rise of Digital Influence‘, …

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    Why Web Design Matters

    The advent of social media has, in no way, undermined the crucial importance of the webpage as the central hub of an integrated online strategy that is worthy of that name for both companies and individuals. If anything, it has underscored its role as the organizing principle behind the disparate social networks, microblogs, pinboards and …

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    The Four Aces of Online Personal Branding

    Many Generation Y and X folks with digital DNA are looking toward the online medium to build their personal brands. And this is without doubt a smart move on their behalf: the countless benefits and untapped potential that the Web 2.0 can offer for those serious about personal branding are too many to list. And …

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    Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management: Natural Allies

    I cannot think of two areas of the Web 2.0 with greater synergy than Personal Branding and Online Reputation. In fact, the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Personal Branding is such that it is highly improbable you will be able to negotiate your way to the top in the often turbulent waters of …

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    7 Ways to Start Building Your Personal Brand for Free

    Today, it’s easier than ever for individuals to build and promote the personal brands for free, long before writing and publishing a book.

    The Internet offers you numerous free ways to demonstrate your subject area expertise, set yourself apart from your competition, and build your online visibility. There are several ways you can take small …

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