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    6 Examples of Strong Personal Branding Statements

    personal branding statement

    It’s true that there is higher competition in today’s business marketplaces compared to before. So, to achieve success, you must first develop an effective personal branding strategy. And one of the vital tasks you need to do to acquire that personal branding approach when developing your brand is to establish a great personal branding statement. …

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    The Power and Importance of Language in Branding

    “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door,” is an inaccurate phrase attributed accurately to Ralph Waldo Emerson, regarding the power of innovation.

    I thought of this recently after my breakout session seminar at an industry professional development conference and  I realized that the phrase is only partially true.…

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    Cooking Up A New Brand

    Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a handmade dessert or soup cooked from scratch. For me, this happens when I made a reservation by hand, of course, with my blackberry. Thank goodness for the Open Table mobile app; it’s a lifesaver.

    While cooking up soups and baking desserts from dough may escape my list of …

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