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    How To Bounce Back From Personal Branding Disappointment

    How you handle disappointment will play a major role in your personal branding success.

    At some point or another, you may experience disappointment during your journey to personal branding success. An expected job offer may not materialize, your book may not sell as well as expected, or a recent marketing campaign may not attract qualified …

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    Why Web Design Matters

    The advent of social media has, in no way, undermined the crucial importance of the webpage as the central hub of an integrated online strategy that is worthy of that name for both companies and individuals. If anything, it has underscored its role as the organizing principle behind the disparate social networks, microblogs, pinboards and …

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    Storytelling and Your Personal Brand

    All indicators are pointing to the growing importance of storytelling in the intertwined social media, PR and advertising worlds. In fact, one could go as far as claiming that storytelling is one of the current buzz words in online and offline marketing as proven by the recent attention it has drawn from sources as varied …

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    Brochures Versus One Sheets For Selling Your Services

    It’s time for a fresh look at the pros and cons of brochures versus one sheets for selling your services to prospective clients or employers.

    Your choice of brochures versus one sheets  is critical in today’s fast-moving, attention-starved, Internet world.

    Start by exploring your options with an open mind, rather than automatically choosing what worked …

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