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    The Power of Podcasting

    For decades, consumers have been trying to control the way they get their entertainment. From cassette tapes, recorded at just the right time, to burning CDs with the latest MP3 download, to those VHS tapes littered with artifacts and distortions from recording dozens of episodes of our favorite shows on the same tape, we did …

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    Stay or Go? Robert Griffin III vs Matt Barkley

    Should I stay or do I go now? If I go there will be trouble, if I stay there will be double. In business, deciding on a career transition can many times seem daunting. On one hand you have the world you know, its safe surroundings and met/unmet expectations. On the other hand you have …

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    Does Your Phone Matter for Your Brand?

    According to a new survey, iPhone users are more sexually active than BlackBerry and Android phone users. Did you think about what phone you have? Me too. I don’t think this study is actually valid, but it got me thinking about what your phone says about you. Before the rise of smart phones I don’t …

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    5 Reasons Your Brand Should Live Outside of Your Company

    My topic last week of logos for personal brands opened up a discussion about how to establish your personal brand in relation to the company you work for. If you’re a business owner these two elements are much more intertwined than the average worker bee out there, but for the average worker here are some …

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    Your Personal Brand is Nothing if Not Global

    The U.S. used to stand for “no one else matters but US.” Then came Bollywood, and its 1.2 billion audience members, including pretty much the best engineers in the world.

    And then came Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and its audience of 1.3 billion consumers of concrete and Hong Kong. Oh, and Kate Beckinsale was crowned …

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