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Controlling Your Google Results: The Art and Science of the Personal Press Release

Problem: Googling your name doesn’t accurately reflect who you are or what you do.

Solution: Issue a personal press release about a recent accomplishment or noteworthy event to fill Google results for your name with relevant, on-brand content.

1. Choose a topic

First, decide on a newsworthy event or accomplishment you will announce, such as:…

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Brand-Yourself.com Launches Platform to Manage Your Personal Brand Online

As the Wednesday columnist for Personal Branding Blog, I’m excited to announce my team and I just officially launched Brand-Yourself.com, a new platform that demystifies the process of building your personal brand using social media. In honor of you and the loyal personal branding community here, we’re giving away 100 free extended free trials if …

Brand Yourself AsCareer DevelopmentPersonal BrandingSuccess Strategies

4 Personal Branding Tips Learned From Corporations

Companies have long understood the power of branding. They spend millions of dollars a year making a brand promise to customers that goes beyond the technical and physical attributes of a particular product. They build an identity that customers feel safe choosing over the competition.

So, what four specific takeaways can you get from corporate …

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How to Use RSS to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

If you were asked point blank, “What current events happened in the past two weeks in your industry?” how would you respond?

By the end of this post, you will turn that question into a serendipitous branding moment. Your answer will be timely, relevant, and put into context of the larger picture.

With competition so …