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    6 Approaches to Press Release Success and PR Growth

    Does your press release read more like a boring book report? From headline to call to action, you have under a minute to impress a journalist with your press release since they comb through so many on a daily basis. Don’t end up in the slush pile. Make your release relevant and engaging.

    One study …

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    Representing Hollywood: An Interview with Liza Anderson

    Recently I had the privilege of speaking with Liza Anderson, a highly regarded celebrity publicist, public relations expert, and the Founder and President of Anderson Group Public Relations. Representing a wide spectrum of diverse clients on hit television shows such as House of Cards, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scandal, The Walking Dead, True Detective, Game of Thrones …

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    Every Brand is a Newsroom in 2013

    Newsrooms are still losing jobs—Newsweek, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The New York Times all recently announced plans to cut more positions. My advice to those people being offered a buyout? Take the money and get ready to be appreciated again. Because now is the best time for a journalist to lose his/her job.

    Writing, interviewing, …

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    Live in the Moment Because it’s Never too Late

    I just had dinner with my good friend Theresa who works at one of the Big Four Accounting Firms.  She doesn’t love her job, but she doesn’t absolutely hate it either because it pays the rent.  Times are tough, and her firm is going to have a massive layoff next week, and she might be …

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