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    This May Be Too Disgusting to Read But It’s True

    Last week on Oprah, MacKenzie Phillips launched her new personal brand. She is the self-dubbed, new face of “consensual incest,” according to Sunday’s New York Times.

    I won’t guess what reaction you’re having to MacPhil’s latest attempt to spin a lifetime of addiction and dereliction into an Oprah book bestseller (featured for ratings, not endorsed …

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    Reputation Accounts For 30-70% Of Your Value

    Branding on the right attributes is the difference between a leader and loser.

    Before we called it personal branding, the overarching term for what society thought about you was simply your “reputation.” Of course, that society may have been your middle school classmates who always picked you last for dodge ball teams.  Even if you’d …

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    Re-Branding is More Than a Logo Change

    In preparing for this week’s blog post, I put out the question on Twitter, “What would you like to hear about this week on the topic of personal branding?”  What bubbled up was  “re-branding”.

    Great topic. Today’s economic climate is creating an interesting juxtaposition: your digital life and reputation is fast-paced, but your business growth …

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