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    How to Reach Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

    recruitment via linkedin

    Before learning about the different steps on how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, let’s learn about LinkedIn and the importance of networking.

    Job hunting is a pretty difficult experience for anyone who has been trying to land a job for a certain period. Moreover, previously, it was not easy to learn about potential …

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    Partner with Recruiters to Manage your Career

    Recruiters are an integral part of the hiring process at most companies. There are several things you need to understand about them.

    They are people who like dealing with people. Most recruiters became recruiters because they are social and like helping others.  In general, they are very nice people. They change jobs frequently. We all…
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    How to Handle Rejection During Your Job Search

    Running a recruiting firm, I come across many job seekers who have simply “had it” and, via a tremendous amount of interviewing rejection, give up on their job search. However, there are more effective ways of going about handling rejection and overcoming obstacles during one’s job search in hopes of getting that job that you …

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    Getting The Most From Recruiters In Your Job Search

    As an active job seeker, you’re likely ready and willing to pull out all of your resources to find a job. While working with a recruiter should be one of those tactics to use in your job search, it’s difficult to understand how to best use recruiters to your advantage.

    In essence, recruiters work closely …

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