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    Develop Today’s Relationships into Business Next Year

    Have you ever wondered what to do with all those business cards on your desk and names in your database? Your time has come to use them all, and to differentiate yourself from almost everyone else.

    In January, you have a total of 31 days to call every client and prospect, you ever met, to …

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    Networking Holiday Style

    The holidays are upon us and we are either invited to business functions and social parties or we decide to host a party ourselves. Many people view these events as stressful. Accordingly, some ideas are listed below to help you enjoy the events more fully. And they are designed to help further enhance your personal …

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    How to Save Face When Things Go Wrong

    In my professional life I have found that when one mishap occurs with a client several more will follow. The succeeding chain-of-events tend to be embarrassing and aggravating. Worse yet, we sometimes feel like never showing up for business again. But we all know that won’t work, so what will?

    “Be strong” is the slogan …

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    Details And Relationships Transform Small Sales Into Big Business

    Salespeople and entrepreneurs alike frequently settle for small sales when in fact their sales could have been more frequent and larger in scale. Why does this happen and how may it be avoided?

    People buy from those they know, like and trust. Paying attention to details upfront establishes the quality of your relationships. A level …

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    Showing Appreciation Creates Stellar Results

    When someone earnestly complements you, how does it make you feel?

    Most human beings savor the momentary attention when they know their best has been delivered and it is received with appreciation. In today’s hectic world many businesspeople overlook this fact. They then wonder why building their business is such a struggle.

    Genuine kindness it…
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