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    Personal Branding Weekly and Protecting Yourself from Experts

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s Note: I’ve met many wonderful people during some recent personal branding and social media seminars and sessions that I’ve presented at lately.  When we visit after my presentation, I find that unearthing your brand is by far the most interesting and most challenging aspect of personal branding for them.

    Do you …

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    No Matter the Job, You Can Build Your Brand

    Some people have a tendency by some to look down upon more entry-level jobs; jobs like retail, food service, cleaning or landscaping. Most of us have held these types of jobs at some point in our careers. While these jobs are not renowned for being high paying resume builders – they do pose an opportunity …

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    Personal Brands Celebrate!

    By now you’ve probably amazed yourself with your ability to stick to your resolutions! LOL.

    Don’t worry. Now is NOT the right time to assess how 2010 is going – or how you’re doing. The only thing to judge during week two of the year is this:

    Do you have a clear, crisp, compelling focus …

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    Personal Branding with a Punch and Some Cookies

    Typically, it’s not the best, but the one who can take the stress and makes it to the top of any company, industry or career path is the person who can take a punch, get past the burn and play injured that makes it to number one. It’s the person who cleans and dresses their …

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    Reputation Accounts For 30-70% Of Your Value

    Branding on the right attributes is the difference between a leader and loser.

    Before we called it personal branding, the overarching term for what society thought about you was simply your “reputation.” Of course, that society may have been your middle school classmates who always picked you last for dodge ball teams.  Even if you’d …

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