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    3 Reasons Your Resume Brands You As A Commodity

    Your Resume Brands You As A Commodity

    You wouldn’t describe yourself as a commodity, would you? Make sure your resume reflects this. 

    You especially wouldn’t describe yourself as a commodity when looking for a job. Who would say in a job interview, “You should hire me because I’m exactly the same as everyone else?”

    So you’re probably thinking, “I’d never write a …

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    Why You Need to Brand & Target Your Resume

    Today, we’ll find out why making a safe resume just won’t cut it in today’s job market.

    Spending lots of time tweaking and perfecting your ultimate resume or resume may feel productive and good, but it isn’t where you should be spending your energy.

    Having one safe resume is not enough

    What is enough? Taking …

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    One Resume Change That Will Significantly Increase Your Results

    Remember the days of black and white TV? What about when couples read the newspaper over their morning coffee rather than flipping the virtual pages of the WSJ app on their iPads? Those days have passed, at least for most of us (my mom still watches black and white TV) and so has the resume …

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