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    3 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Promotion at Work


    Most people these days do not just want a job. They want a career where they can better themselves and improve their futures. Of course, this is not always an easy feat to achieve, and you have to be dedicated and committed if you want to progress within your chosen field. There are various steps …

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    Are Applicant Resumes Sufficient to Determine a Candidate’s Suitability?

    Are applicant resumes sufficient for recruitment managers as they go about evaluating qualifications to interview for specific positions?

    The job market today has made the resume one of the most important things that recruitment managers need before they can invite a job applicant for an interview. Before a potential employer decides to interview a job seeker, most of them want to first “meet the job seeker on paper.”

    If you’re looking for work, …

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    Resume Mistakes College Grads Should Avoid Making

    Common Resume Mistakes College Grads Make

    Creating a resume that sets you up for success in the job market is more complicated than it seems. Inexperienced job seekers who have no practice writing a resume could easily make many mistakes that will lead to fewer opportunities. Hiring managers won’t explain why a slip-up made you unsuccessful in receiving an interview, so …

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    5 Rules Freelancers Should Follow When Writing Their Resumé

    building a resume as a freelance worker

    Working from home has now become a necessity rather than a convenience and luxury for many. This change combined with a record number of unemployed workers has led many people to look into freelance work, and it’s a good market for them. Freelancers are in demand today more than ever, with more than 40% of …

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    3 Ways to Excel in Finding a Suitable Job

    Just two decades ago, finding a suitable job was simplistic. People wrote their own résumés, had them edited by trusted friends, and walked into the interview with confidence about having been for a long time in the previous job that he must have been good at because of a lengthy tenure. Since then, though, the …

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    A Few Tips for Frustrated Job-Seekers

    Job Hunting

    Most if not all job seekers reach at some point a heightened level of frustration with their job search process. It’s easy to understand, and it might be justifiable to blame the complex and convoluted job search process. It’s difficult to improve efficiency and speed up the process. Loosely explained, efficiency is output over input …

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    Tips for Finding a Job in the Hidden Job Market

    Finding a Job

    In the current job market, it’s not unusual for people to be looking for jobs over many months. It’s a very competitive market, and job openings are few. This situation is amplified by the herd mentality whereby people deploy the job search strategies commonly used in the past. For example, asking people about their target …

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    How to Approach the Job Search

    At times, I am amazed at people in transition who approach the job search the way we used to in the past. Looking for a job nowadays puts job seekers into extremely tough competitions unlike those of the past, and job seekers who do not both understand and apply the rules of the game will …

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    A Professionally Edited Résumé — Wins

    Hiring Resume

    There are two steps to take before you’ll get that job offer. The first is to create a résumé. An attractive and intriguing résumé will generate an invitation for an interview. The second step is to convince the interviewer you’re the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, though, most people fail in the first step. The reason is …

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    Interviewers Are Very Selective – Here Is Why

    Unlike past scenarios, job interviews have become harder and harder. Employers have an abundance of very qualified applicants, many of them working with interview coaches to elevate their interviewing skills. The outcome is that it raises the bar for everyone. There are many books available to job seekers to read and brush up on interviewing …

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