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Go Ask Brian: ‘Fudged’ Resume Risky

While we all tend to sometimes “exaggerate” some of our experiences and accomplishments, one place to strictly avoid this tendency is in your résumé. Exaggerating or even stretching the truth can potentially have career-ending/altering consequences. Just go ask Brian Williams, the erstwhile NBC news anchor who recently admitted publicly that he took some, shall we …

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When it comes to personal branding, you can invest all the time and effort you want in to creating well-worded profiles, resumes, cover letters, and “About Me” websites, but if you don’t back up your written communications with constructive interactions, all of that work will be for nothing.

Your personal brand is best developed through …

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When Bad Brands Happen to Good People

It started when I saw the recent banner headlines about the government’s crackdown on hedge funds for insider trading. “Oh, my. Here are a bunch of innocent people that work inside of the company who will be branded as unethical even though any potential problems probably stem from just a few bad apples.”

Bonuses and…
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