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    Sheryl Sandberg Boosts Her Personal Brand: So Can You!

    “Every group of people that has been systematically told they were supposed to play a limited role internalizes that role.”  Gloria Steinem

    “We have to fight against the barriers and get them out of our consciousness.” Sheryl Sandberg

    Over the past few weeks Sheryl Sandberg has become a household name: She took her high-profile position …

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    The Amazing Power Of Role-Modeling

    On the surface, nothing appears to be more intimate, highly idiosyncratic, essentially non-transferable, and inimitable than building and developing our personal brands. Most of us set out to become the next hired graduate, model employee, successful entrepreneur, influential politician, respected community leader or celebrated sportsperson based upon the deeply-held belief that we can leave our …

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    Three Secrets to Build Your Personal Branding Success Overnight

    We all do it. We all have someone we set our sights on as the goal we strive for. We have one person we aspire to be like, whether it’s achieving their level of success, their number of publications, their level of speaking engagements, or even beating their Klout score.

    Our whole reason for personal …

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