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    Are You Pulling Your Weight

    Are you ready to deliver $1.4 Million dollars in value to your company?

    Beyond being ready … are you able to deliver $1.4 Million?

    If you expect to be making $100,000+ dollars a year you should expect your prospective employer to assign some sort of multiple to your salary. A Return on Salary (ROS) if …

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    5 Considerations Before Accepting the Job (Besides Salary!)

    When deciding whether or not to accept a job offer, it’s important to look at more than just dollars and cents. Money is important, and we all obviously want as much as possible, but a job can and should bring with it many other benefits that matter to us, sometimes, more than money.

    If you’ve …

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    How to Answer the Dreaded ‘Salary Question’

    It’s a question that you can expect to be asked sooner rather than later during a job interview. It’s a question that seems to be a “loaded” one in every sense of the word, and usually that’s in fact what it is. It’s a “trick” question too. It’s designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate as …

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