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    Hard Business Lessons Teach Success

    “It was a horrible experience! I may not be cut out for this – should I quit?”

    Especially in the early years of getting business up and running, we instead feel more like simply running. But upon careful examination much may be learned. It is those who are willing to admit their errors and examine …

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    3 Qualities to Drive Your Success

    Upon watching a recent episode of the television show, Perception, I recognized the writers hit the nail on the head on how to reach success for anything your heart desires. My perception is of how these three qualities affect business. And all three are driving forces that enable success.

    1. Ambition

    It will be difficult …

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    Entrepreneurial Habits to Embrace Moving from Stuck to Success

    A family member proudly sent a favorite recipe. Sautéing and blending were required, but, there were no instructions on how to serve. It was liquid, so I cleverly poured “The Sauce” over pasta. We found it to be delicious. Conveying to our relative how much we enjoyed the sauce on the pasta, I heard loud …

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    Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and thinking differently from everyone else. I was relieved to learn in a class that “conventional wisdom” need not apply!

    Believe in yourself

    According to conventional wisdom, we are told the first step to building our business is to write out a detailed business plan. But most of us …

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    Sometimes A Great Brand Is Not Enough

    As many of my fellow contributors have written, the personal brand you create is one of the most important determinants of your success both inside and outside of the workplace.

    We have talked about how it takes time and many steps to build up a strong reputation (let alone the work that goes into maintaining …

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    Goals On Track Produce Increased Sales

    Are you wishfully thinking about what you would like to do, dreaming about what might happen, or are you taking the lead for making your secretive desires come true? Sales techniques definitely put control in your hands to increase your likelihood for success.

    Achieving your goals

    Let’s take a look at ensuring you achieve your …

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    Let Your Light Shine

    My friend refers to the moment a new idea is born as the “ah-ha moment”. All new business begins with that special inspiration.  Think about the light-bulb, Henry Ford’s first car, or more recently, recycling.  Through the ages, the public initially deemed these novel ideas to be nuts.  But the inventors kept on forging forward.…

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    Qualify The Opportunity For Best Results

    Most likely, you are frequently bombarded with requests to partner, become an affiliate, or provide a free gift to enhance someone’s endeavor. In the early stages of business it is quite exciting to be asked to contribute to better-known entities. You feel as if you are at least arriving if have not yet quite arrived.…

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    Sell Acuity To Get Hired

    According to the thesaurus, acuity refers to keen awareness, perception, insight and alertness. Imagine demonstrating all of this on an initial interview. What do you believe the hiring manager will think of you as this is portrayed? That’s right, your personal brand will blossom making you the favored candidate!

    The importance of interviews

    You lead …

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    Details And Relationships Transform Small Sales Into Big Business

    Salespeople and entrepreneurs alike frequently settle for small sales when in fact their sales could have been more frequent and larger in scale. Why does this happen and how may it be avoided?

    People buy from those they know, like and trust. Paying attention to details upfront establishes the quality of your relationships. A level …

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