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    Do You Really Need an Instagram Influencer? Probably.

    Branding by an influencer is critical to the success of any personal brand when it comes to marketing. Always put a name and face to things! Branding by an influencer is critical to the success of any personal brand when it comes to marketing. Always put a name and face to things!

    Marketers who want visibility on Instagram face many challenges when using the platform to their advantage.

    There are many problems and challenges associated with Instagram influencer, or branding, marketing. …

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    How to Use Social Media the Right Way for Building More Leads

    Social Media For Leads

    Information overload and our ability to become commercial free has changed the old fashioned marketing funnel.  Attention getting tactics will no longer sell your products and services. Your brand audience now controls what they want to see whether this be on a smart phone, tablet, computer or television. Old methods simply don’t work anymore — …

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    5 Tips for Landing More Sales Through Cold Calling

    Computer Marketing

    Cold calling can seem overwhelming and scary. When you’re just picking up the phone and calling someone out of the blue, it can be a challenge to make a connection and land a sale. With the high chance of rejection, it can feel like there is no point to even trying. If you don’t have …

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    Walking the Tight Rope of Effective Salesmanship

    Contrary to popular belief, the difference between effective, revenue driving sales professionals and those who consistently miss quota is quite small. More often than not, the loss of business has little to do with their competition.

    Frequently, the problem is more internal. Because many of today’s products and services are highly similar, it’s how the …

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    Embracing Limits Increases Productivity

    The above title may sound a bit contradictory. However, the recognition of what your maximum capacity is will prevent you from over-committing to unanticipated requests. Given the goals we have set for ourselves, along with the must-do task list, the frequently arriving requests could well put one into overwhelm if not dealt with properly

    Your …

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    Why People Don’t Buy: No Need

    If you have been around the sales and business owner block for a while, you understand the mental strength necessary to cope with rejection. Sometimes becoming numb to the rejection can be both a blessing and a curse. How many times have you submitted a proposal, giving free consults and went through presentations where the …

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    Client Therapy Increases Sales

    Professional salespeople are highly driven by goal achievement. Recognizing what needs to be accomplished by year-end, they then work backwards to figure out milestones to be achieved during the year for getting to those goals. What sets the successful apart is their recognizing that in the end, whether or not the sale is to be …

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    Just Stop Talking

    I have recently chosen to not work with a new salesperson from a vendor that I’ve worked with for years. Why? They wouldn’t stop talking. As much as I’d like to learn more about you to develop a long term sales relationship, if you’re looking to sell to me, or anyone, you’ve got a lesson …

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    Reposition Your Power Within to Improve Results

    Your inner thoughts precede your outward results.

    Belief in self is essential for achieving success.

    For many, one of the most difficult principles to grasp is that we do possess the power to become the person we envision. And for most, it seems as if this is a pipe dream, but in fact, it is …

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    How to Become the Preferred Vendor

    Work to serve your clients

    There is nothing magical about the answer but there are a number of steps to adhere to so that your clientele knows you have their best interests in mind. The principal is key to building business but unfortunately most often these steps are ignored.

    Take the time on appointments and …

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