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    Response to People Who Hate the Term “Personal Branding”

    I’m always surprised at the vehemence with which people say they hate the term “personal branding.”

    “I’m not a brand, I’m a person!” they demand.

    Except you are. As Kyle Lacy and I said in Branding Yourself, “A brand is an emotional response to the image or name of a particular company, product, or person.”…

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    Write Your Brand-Building Book In Spite Of Yourself

    Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work is for you if you’re finding it difficult to finish–or, even, to just start–to write your brand-building book.

    Don’t blame yourself if you’re having trouble writing your brand-building book; blame the Resistance, the uncompromising force inside you that fights change–even when the change is in your best interest.

    In the …

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    Write Well To Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out

    Writing is everything when it comes to building your personal brand. If you can’t write, your brand will suffer. It’s not just enough to be able to string together a few sentences into a coherent thought. You need your own voice, your own style to come through what you write.

    Your writing needs to stand…
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    Do You Have a Free Prize Inside?

    I just finished reading Seth Godin’s blockbuster hit, Free Prize Inside. If you have not read the book I would highly recommend it. Great content and great advice. I underlined, highlighted, and bookmarked this paragraph because I immediately thought of the connection to personal branding.

    “We don’t insist on the biggest ads or the latest …

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    Don’t Just Do It. Sing It.

    Many marketing and business professionals alike follow Seth Godin’s blog from time to time. We have been inundated with his brilliant marketing mind and tend to put his strategies to practice. I am an avid reader of his daily blog but there are many times I wish that he spent more time on building a …

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    Two Breakthrough Ideas That Changed My Life

    Keeping up with information these days is like sipping through the proverbial fire hydrant. You don’t need to check your Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, etc…..you already know what’s building up on the other side.

    An avalanche of knowledge

    That’s right, when the circle stops spinning or the screen is fully loaded – BAM – the …

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    Free Sample: Personal Branding Magazine Issue 11 With Seth Godin & Guy Fieri

    Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 3, Issue 3 How To Become Indispensable with Seth Godin Summary

    Volume 3, Issue 3 is about becoming so important to your company, your customers and the people around you, that they can’t live without you. When that occurs, you’ll be making more money, have better relationships and wield a …

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    Do You Have The Ego For Self-Googling?


    Google is the dominant search engine, with about 70% of all search traffic. At the end of last year, the Pew Internet Research Team found that 47% of people search for information about themselves online (Self-Googling), which was more than double 5 years ago. I have written about the importance of Google before, when …

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    Claim Your Brand Name on Social Networks or Suffer

    There has been much debate in the blogosphere about Seth Godin’s Twitter account. He never registered his name on Twitter and someone took it. This individual used his avatar, information and actually tweeted using this account. Fake Seth now has 4,375 followers and has sent 476 updates. Luckily for Seth, he blogged about this and …

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