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Determining Your New Business’s Tech Needs

Equipping Your Startup with the Right Tech

Entrepreneurs have enough on their plate without worrying about the technological needs of their new business. Between complicated and highly technical infrastructure, advanced operating systems and constantly evolving technologies, it can be difficult for the most steadfast of IT pros to keep up.

The majority of today’s enterprises …

Finding a Job

Small Business Mistakes That’ll Get You in Trouble With the Law

So you’ve started a new small business. You’ve consulted an attorney and filed the appropriate documents with your state’s department of state and determined your incorporation status. But are you sure you’re covering yourself legally in all facets?

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a corporation, an S corporation, a partnership, a limited liability corporation, …

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How Small Business Leaders Create Consistent Championship Employee Performance

Being a lifelong sports fan and a season ticket holder for the New York Rangers National Hockey League team, has provided me with a lot of opportunities to compare success in sports to success in business.

Recently my focus has been on comparing how sports teams manage the performance of their athletes versus how employee …