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    Determining Your New Business’s Tech Needs

    Equipping Your Startup with the Right Tech

    Entrepreneurs have enough on their plate without worrying about the technological needs of their new business. Between complicated and highly technical infrastructure, advanced operating systems and constantly evolving technologies, it can be difficult for the most steadfast of IT pros to keep up.

    The majority of today’s enterprises …

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    Buying Business Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Operating a business is a risky venture, as even some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs aren’t guaranteed success. There’s so much to account for when running a business of any size, such as winning over customers, keeping margins high and competing in a crowded field. Those are all things the business owner has some degree …

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    Small Business Mistakes That’ll Get You in Trouble With the Law

    Finding a Job

    So you’ve started a new small business. You’ve consulted an attorney and filed the appropriate documents with your state’s department of state and determined your incorporation status. But are you sure you’re covering yourself legally in all facets?

    Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a corporation, an S corporation, a partnership, a limited liability corporation, …

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    Size Doesn’t Matter in Small Business Cultures

    The term “silos” in relation to company culture is typically associated with larger organizations.

    For that reason I was flabbergasted by a conversation with the CEO of a small, but very well respected not-for-profit in my community.

    She told me she wanted to improve teamwork in her organization.

    That sounded typical and not unusual to …

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    Focusing On Long-Term Results Tough in Small Business

    Last Tuesday’s All-Star Game marked the unofficial mid-way point in the very long Major League Baseball season.

    This time in the baseball season always reminds me that in the marathon that is the baseball season athletes are conditioned not to get too high while on a winning streak or too low during a slump, because …

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    Small Business Leadership: A Tale of 3 Styles

    Saturday night my wife and I rented and watched the movie Red Army, about the former Soviet Union’s commitment to international ice hockey domination and the migration of Russian hockey players to North America.

    The movie took me back to a time when I loved watching those Soviet hockey teams because of their tremendous skill …

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    How Small Business Leaders Create Consistent Championship Employee Performance

    Being a lifelong sports fan and a season ticket holder for the New York Rangers National Hockey League team, has provided me with a lot of opportunities to compare success in sports to success in business.

    Recently my focus has been on comparing how sports teams manage the performance of their athletes versus how employee …

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    How to Recruit the Best for Your Small Business

    Many small business owners complain that they cannot convince the talented employees to work for them. Hiring for small businesses is not easy due to the myths about working for them. However, as a small business owner if you convince your candidates that these myths are not true and explain the advantages of working for …

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    Video Tips and Ideas for Small Businesses and Brands

    “It’s too expensive,” or “It’s takes too much time!” These are the reasons I usually get from people as to why they haven’t made a video about their business. And I agree—producing a video never goes as quickly as writing a blog post or a tweet. For some, just uploading a video will require a …

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    Reducing the Risk for Your Personal Brand

    Though social media hasn’t been around for very long, most businesses and brands agree that they are powerful tools in reaching and engaging with one’s audience, when used correctly that is. Some may still think that social media is a fad, but most experts believe that social media is here to stay, and that companies …

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