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    6 All-Too-Common Social Media Goofs

    Even though many businesses have successfully embraced social media, it's still something of a novelty...and these six common goofs prove it. Even though many businesses have successfully embraced social media, it’s still something of a novelty…and these six common goofs prove it.

    The risks associated with social media goofs when marketing your company might be intimidating. For example, you may not know how much money to spend or what methods would perform best for your sector. …

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    Biggest Social Media Mistakes that Can Get You Fired

    social media

    There are many benefits of using social media such as connecting with friends and family who live far away or following the news and latest trends. However, if you misuse it, it can get you in trouble and destroy your whole career.

    Making an Offensive Comment: Never post something racist, sexist or offensive. Remember, in…
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    Social Media Mistakes Candidates Make During Job Search

    Social Media For Leads

    Social media can both advance and hinder your career depending on how you use it. Most of the recruiters admit that they look at candidates’ social media profiles before making their decision. Therefore, you have to be careful about how you use social media and who can see your posts. You probably don’t want to …

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