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    Are you a 2.0 Egotist?

    One of the harshest (and in my view, mostly unfair) criticisms hurled at personal branding is that – when taken to its fullest expression – it encourages and promotes self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, narcissism and plain outright selfishness. Although anyone familiar with the brief yet intense history of personal branding models and philosophies in the XXI century …

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    Friendship: The True Engine behind Social Media

    Aristotle spoke about it as a moral good worth pursuing in itself in his Nicomachean Ethics; Cicero dedicated a whole book to it (De Amicitia); Plotinus deemed fit to extend it even to his slaves, whom he emancipated; Ralph Waldo Emerson declared it ‘the masterpiece of Nature’; and ever since every sane thinker has advocated …

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    The Future of ‘Engagement’ in the Social Media

    As we discussed in last week’s post (and indeed thank you all for your comments and ‘engaging with me’ here and on Twitter and elsewhere), the hype and excessive emphasis on engagement for social media strategies – to the exclusion of other necessary elements for brands both commercial and personal that need to focus on …

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    Building Captivating Conversations In A “One And Done” World

    Let’s assume that your website is a place where people visit once and leave. I’m not saying it’s bad. It might be great. But it has little to do with how many links you have on your site, whether it was designed in an “L” or “Z” eye pattern, or whatever other rationalization might exist …

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