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    What Role Do You Play In Meetings?

    Meetings are forums and events where perceptions are built and broken. Every meeting is different – even regularly occurring and frequent ones.

    Sometimes they are predictable and standard operating procedures, sometimes they are promising yet tense.

    Considering how much time we spend in meetings, each meeting is an opportunity to make or break our personal …

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    Speak Up to Be Heard

    When it is time for you to talk, make yourself effortless to be heard and easy to listen to. Eliminate from your speaking useless filler words that make you sound uncertain, unprepared, even uneducated: “you know… uhm… huh… ah… okay, okay…” At the very least, if you must say them, say them silently to yourself …

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    Don’t Be a Sycophant

    Desk Frustration

    If you strongly disagree with an approach, a task, an injustice, or anything that pertains to achieving the company’s or your own mission, tell your boss how you feel directly. If you have information that differs from the boss’s position or point of view that will genuinely move the company forward, not just move you …

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