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    Improve Your Personal Branding in 2022

    You need to improve your personal branding when you show yourself online. It's a vital link to your career success and long-term well-being. You need to improve your personal branding when you show yourself online. It’s a vital link to your career success and long-term well-being.

    You probably already have a brand. It may be a full-blown website and social media strategy. On the other hand, you may be just a constant communicator with coworkers while working from …

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    4 Retirement Planning Strategies for Entrepreneurs

    4 Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Plan for Retirement

    Having all your eggs in the proverbial basket is disastrous for your future as an entrepreneur, especially if you are also not planning effectively for your retirement.

    Retirement planning is a critical activity that should evolve throughout your entrepreneurial journal. This should be regardless of the money you are making or the value of your …

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    How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

    Post Its Adults Brainstorming

    In order to establish a credible personal brand that people trust you need great content that speaks directly to them. Without this you will not be successful in your lead generation and conversion rates.

    How can your brand better connect with your community in an authentic way? A compelling brand story will make them want …

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    Think Like a Brand

    Digital Marketing iPad

    As a companion piece to an earlier post about important elements of branding, I felt it apropos to discuss the intellectual aspects of brand activity. Why do I refer to it as brand activity? Because your brand must be active. All of the elements within are actions that keep your brand alive. Thus, because a …

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    Where do you get in the Flow?

    Where do you get your best ideas?

    How do you find the time to work on them?

    Is there a place you go to find your Flow?

    Flow is Happiness

    Getting in the flow is a good thing and something everyone should strive for as often as possible. Life will always intervene. However, it is …

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    Getting Your Small Business to Perform Like a Champion

    It was a painful experience for me last week sitting in Madison Square Garden watching my favorite sports team the New York Rangers play for the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference Championship seeking to earn a trip to play for the Stanley Cup.

    My Rangers were shut out on home ice, 2-0 after a record …

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    Things I’ve Learned about Business from Hiking

    Summer is THE time to get your hike on in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the year is pretty good for hiking too, but summer days are often clear and have the best views.

    Like all great plans for fun they seem to take a back seat to other plans. As such… my son …

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    How to Start the New Year Strong

    First, let’s start with a question … Why should you start the year off with a bang?

    Something to Consider … The early bird gets the worm.

    Also a bit of a disclaimer: I think most of the people that read the Personal Branding Blog site not only LIVE the mantra of staying ahead to …

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    Roger Federer and Personal Branding

    In Wimbledon 2008, Roger Federer found himself down to Rafael Nadal 2 sets to none.  Roger was playing for his 6th Wimbledon title in a row; Rafael was playing for his first – either way, history was going to be made.

    Roger was winded, discouraged, and it seemed like a 2 sets to none lead …

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