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    A Quick Guide to Time Management

    Effective time management will help you accomplish more with less. It reduces anxiety and always leads to personal and professional success. Effective time management will help you accomplish more with less. It reduces anxiety and always leads to personal and professional success. The Benefits of Time Management

    The ability to effectively manage your time is essential. A well-organized time management system leads to increased productivity as well as productivity. It also reduces stress and produces greater …

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    12 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions for Freelancers

    The self-employed should keep most income tied up in their business. Add to that tip these 12 commonly overlooked freelancer tax deductions.

    W-2 employees that work for a business or corporation pay between 7.65-15.3% on taxes but typically pay 10%. Federal income taxes must be withheld from each employee, but employers often pay a significant amount of their tax burden to the IRS before tax time.

    1099-NEC independent contractors or freelancers pay 12.4% for Social Security, 2.9% …

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    5 Reasons You Definitely Need to Take That Lunch Break

    Staying productive can be a huge part of developing your personal brand, especially if you work in a competitive industry. Because of that, you may feel tempted to go without your lunch breaks in the interest of getting more done. Here, we’ll look at why that’s usually not such a good idea. More importantly, we’ll …

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    Proof that good character spurs financial success

     A great legacy is the expression of fine character traits: Who have you helped along the way? Has your business helped community? How do you treat your co-workers and employees and what is your overall reputation? There’s evidence that fine personal character traits in corporate leadership have a quantifiable improved return.

    Can you calculate your …

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    Want to Improve? Know Your Strengths


    We’ve all struggled to overcome something we don’t like about ourselves. Why is it so hard to change a single bad habit? The tabloids have talented and famous people splashed across their headlines who’ve  had their careers destroyed by bad habits. You need to focus on your strengths.

    Are we all impatient or lazy? Why …

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    The Secrets to Becoming a Respected and Sustained Influencer

    It’s widely believed that those who are in sales and marketing need to know how to be persuasive, but what about the rest of us? Does the general public benefit from knowing more about the dynamics of influence and what it takes to be good at being persuasive and to be weary of those influencers …

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    Insecurity: A Driving Force for Good & Evil

    During an interview on FOX Business News last week, the host challenged me when I mentioned insecurity and low self-esteem is an epidemic and causes most workplace conflict.

    The brief four minute segment was too short to give the issue its due, so this may be the best forum to discuss it.

    He challenged me …

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    How to Evaluate and Negotiate a New Job Offer

    You finally got the offer you have been waiting for! However, the salary is below what you are expecting. Now what? Should you accept the offer or reject it? How are you going to evaluate it? Read below and find the answers.

    First of all, you should not evaluate the offer based only on salary …

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    Mindfulness and Personal Branding Success

    If I asked you, “Are you actively building your personal brand?” you’d probably immediately respond with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”

    However, what would happen if I asked you, “What have you done today to build your personal brand?”

    You might pause before answering. After a moment, you might respond that you’re going to “do …

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    Daily Blog Posting and Personal Branding Success

    Daily blog posting is a proven, practical way to build your personal branding success…no matter how busy you are.

    If you’re starting to build your personal brand, or you want to jump start a stalled personal brand, daily blog posting can make a big difference in a short amount of time.

    And, it’s not as …

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