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    10 Tools to Establish and Maintain a Reputable Brand

    Personal Brand

    Brand building is far from easy, especially if you are establishing your personal brand or profile. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for partners or clients, or a professional looking to enhance your online résumé, you cannot just rely on creativity. You also need to study your target audience, have a good idea of how …

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    4 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Business


    Expanding your business can be a challenging time. When you’re opening a new store, taking on new clients or looking for ways to grow the number of products or services you offer, you’re going to feel like you’re under quite a bit of pressure. However, if approached appropriately, that pressure can push you to be …

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    One Sentence You Should Never Say at Work

    Our jobs can be a challenge amidst all the change that invariably is happening at our companies. Whether we are at a fast growing start-up, a huge corporation adapting to new market conditions and competitors or somewhere in between, odds are this is a reality of work.

    No matter what your job, company or industry, …

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    How To Build A Solid Startup Team

    I’ve built at least 8 teams throughout my start-up career.  The teams have ranged from unpaid college interns, to friends from college, to contractors from elance. I’ve learned something new each step of the way as I’ve hired and fired professionals.  These are the top lessons that I’ve learned while building teams.

    1. Money cannot…
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    Personal Branding is a Real Life Role Playing Game

    Personal branding is WoW and Final Fantasy; you just don’t know it yet.

    What is your goal when you’re playing a role playing game?  Your goal is to level up your character, unlock every secret, find every hidden weapon, beat every boss, and ultimately, beat the game with a 100% completion rating.  Your goal requires …

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