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    Getting Perks At Work

    In a world in which job security is scarce, you may not want to approach your employer asking for perks such as a flexible schedule, telecommuting, extra days of leave or educational opportunities. Nevertheless, many employers are opting to give perks over raises to attract and retain valuable employees. Obtaining these perks requires more than …

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    My 3 Golden Rules for Remote Workers

    I’ve been working remotely for the past nearly 5 years. I have a home office, I have a local cafe, I get terrific amounts of work done and I’m far more productive than when I worked in an office day in and day out. Sorry, Marissa Mayer, I get more done outside of an office. …

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    Building Your Brand While Working Remotely

    As the footprint of companies spreads geographically, today, more and more workers are working remotely, rather than in a corporate office.  While telecommuting can bring benefits, like flexible work hours, it can also prove challenging when it comes to building your personal brand internally at your company.

    So how can remote workers enhance their brand?…
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