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    The Ten Commandments of Twitter

    The proliferation of trolls and fanatics in our beloved chirping microblog has made it urgent to issue some shared guidelines we can all adhere to that can regulate private and public behavior on Twitter. This is my proposal, which I submit to your consideration.

    1. Thou shalt not patronize others. If you hold any views …

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    Personal Branding and the ‘Proud Peacock’ syndrome

    As philosopher Ken Wilber has argued underscoring his use of Spiral Dynamics, each new wave of technological development brings forward awesome new opportunities and frightful new dangers. And it is the job of every new generation to separate the wheat from the chaff and avert the nasty consequences that a misuse of otherwise wonderful technologies …

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    10 Accounts I Won’t Follow Back on Twitter

    Twitter has been one of the key ingredients of my personal branding mix, and interacting with relevant others and adding value with my tweets the way I have sought to distinguish myself amongst the 3 million other Tweeterers in my country and gazillions elsewhere. Being included in the list of ‘70 Tweeterers that add more …

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    10 Reasons Why I Follow Back on Twitter

    Creating a successful and influential ‘Me 2.0’ persona presupposes a strategic use of the social media. Since our objectives and goals are multifarious, it is up to each and every one of us to make a number of well-thought-out decisions in the social networks to ensure that how we want to be perceived, how we …

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    The Importance of Content in Internet Success

    I have always been blessed to have people around me that continue to push me into new ideas and new areas of conversation. I was having a conversation recently with a friend of mine and we landed on the topic of content. When it comes to content and Internet success my friend developed an equation …

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