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    Burning the Midnight Oil: Why It’s Counterproductive

    Burning the midnight oil might fatten your bank account or move your plans forward faster, but over the long haul, it's not really worth it.

    With the ever-rising cost of living, economic turbulence, and the increasing competition in the business and employment worlds, many people find themselves wanting to extend their hours at work. This often includes what is commonly known as burning the midnight oil, which simply means staying up late at night working or studying.

    But is it …

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    How to Embrace Your DNA

    In High School I was caught in the middle.  I was the kid in all of the AP courses who got straight A’s, but I also played basketball for the high school team.  I had friends in the “smart” group and in the “baller” group, but I never really hung out with them outside of …

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