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    5 Ways To Exude Professionalism With Your Personal Brand

    How to give your personal brand a professional shine.

    In our digitally connected world, can you truly separate who you are personally and who you are professionally?

    No matter the privacy settings there are numerous opportunities for personal life to spill into your professional impression.

    Here are five ways that seepage is already happening and …

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    3 Ways To Focus Your Networking For Success

    Having to run a business can take someone through the mufti-tasking Olympics on top of being an emotional roller coaster.  How do you stay on top of all the marketing you’re doing?

    I hope you’re measuring your marketing.

    Be it for yourself as a personal brand or for your small business which is often an …

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    #1 Factor to Being a Highly Recommended Brand

    We know that word of mouth works for product and service based business brands.

    But, does it work for a personal brand?


    People do business with and through people. Either you are connected with the end decision maker for any project or with someone who can connect you to or influences the final decision …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Pushing Your Brand to Feed

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s  Note:  Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com and debuted her first guest post this week. We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with her and her team.

    Have you read this week’s posts yet?  Please do and share which ones were your personal favorites.

     6 Reasons Why…
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    Personal Branding Weekly and Using Twitter’s Recommendation Wall

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Are you starting to feel the “fall season” settling into your area?  Use this as a perfect reminder to update your profiles and review your networking platforms.  This past week Glassdoor shared some great tips on how to do that while Oscar and Jeff shared how to deal with mistakes and the …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Word of Mouth Follow-Up

    This week we covered deadly sins, the curse of the expert, pitfalls to your brand in the waiting room and the “do’s and don’ts” of preserving your brand even when you say good-bye.

    If you missed it, here they are in one easy place:

    The Parent Dilemma by Jun Loayza Job Search Improvements: Customize Personal…
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    Personal Branding Weekly – Personal Word of Mouth Remains Powerful

    Editor’s Note: Exploring age discrimination, taking it easy, to even the successful habits for personal branders to be effective and not look like an egoist were just some of our focus area this week.

    Here’s what you might have missed:

    Resume Botox: 9 Ways Your Resume can Avoid Ageism by Phil Rosenberg The YEC Retooling…
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    The Secret To Strengthening Your Personal Brand

    The secret sauce to strengthening a well-developed personal brand is your ability to inspire your audience.

    A comparison can be drawn between a successful personal brand and a thriving blog, as both require you to gain a solid following and loyal audience. To be a notable personal brand or blog, it is imperative to provide …

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    Personal Branding Weekly: Online and Offline Word of Mouth

    Personal branding weekly

    As editor, of the Personal Branding Blog, I’m grateful and proud of the caliber of authors we having sharing a wealth of insights.  Yet, I know how fast-paced this blog can be with new content posting daily and often several times a day.

    You may have missed these great posts:

    • Are …

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    Finding a Void and Filling It

    For brands today, the competition is fierce. Unemployment rates are up, and businesses are struggling to survive. To succeed in this world, your personal or small business brand needs to be invaluable. You need to offer the world something unique, something that makes you stand out. Basically, to be successful today, you need to find …

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