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    What to Do When You Consider a Work Task Unethical

    Unethical task

    Would you do something you thought was an unethical task?

    What about if your job was on the line?

    The Milgram Experiment became famous for indicating that people obey authority figures regardless of the awfulness of their instructions, but amongst younger worker, at least, this no longer seems to be the case. A recent Deloitte …

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    The Secret to Maintaining Week-Long Productivity


    Our job is important. It’s how most of us put food in our belly and Louboutins on our feet. It’s where we spend one-third of our entire lives. It’s even where one in five of us will meet the person we marry.

    Yet too many of us arrive stressed on Monday and leave exhausted by …

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    How to Handle When Headhunters Call

    Job Headhunter

    First, you want to check if they are retainer or contingency. You want to work with retainer only.

    Next, tell them you will call them back.

    Do call them back when you are at a comfortable place to talk to them. Let them tell you enough about the job so you can be sure it’s …

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    15 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself at Work

    You don’t want to be “that guy” (or “that girl”) at work. You know the one. They’re super nice and great to be around, but you definitely don’t want to be stuck working on a project with them. Somehow they’ve been here for years and haven’t gotten fired, despite how unprofessional they can be.

    However, …

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    Future of Work: 4 Steps to Take Right Now

    How can we use new digital tools to reframe the work-life debate rather than stress us out?

    Is the tech boom fueling a new discussion about gender equality?

    Do entrepreneurs have a duty to reinvent the employer/employee relationship for the 21st century?

    These are some of the big questions we sought to address at the …

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    The Difference Between Being Great at Your Job and Loving Your Job

    My friend Jacob currently sells ads for a web 2.0 company.  He’s a beast on the phone, relentless with customers, and has the highest client conversion rate out of anyone at his office.  He’s darn good at selling, but you know what?  He hates it.  He walks into work every morning with his head down, …

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