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    Want to Really Boost Your Brand? Publish in Print

    Anyone can start a blog. Anyone can write a guest post. That doesn’t make you a writer, and it doesn’t grant you automatic credibility.

    If you want real credibility, credibility that makes people think you know what you’re doing, you need to get published in print.

    While many people will argue, there’s “no difference” between …

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    Writers, Don’t Give Up On Social Media

    Writer Randy Ross recently wondered on his blog whether social media was turning out to be a waste of time for promoting his writing. He wrote in a blog post that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn “seem to be over-saturated with users generating useless crap.”


    Randy has seen both his web traffic and Facebook Reach …

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    Writers Need to Promote Themselves, or Go Unread

    Writers hate marketing. Or most of them do. They hate promoting themselves, talking about themselves, or drawing attention to themselves in any way, any time, ever.


    Writers — for the most part — are humble, and don’t like to “brag” about themselves. Of course, they equate “bragging” with telling people they just published a …

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