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    INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Tips for Telling Your Story with Video

    Check out this infographic for video ideas and tips on how to get your personal brand across well on camera.

    My team and I created this as an add-on to my ebook Camera Ready…but even if you don’t need video tips, you might want to consider designing an infographic to supplement and explain your services …

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    3 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Strategy Requires Video

    Remember when you first created a website? You needed to include a newsletter sign-up, then decided to add social elements like Facebook and Twitter…but later Pinterest and Google+ came along. It seems like there is always something NEW to explore.

    So as the summer ends and you get back into work mode, it’s time to …

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    Relive Your Glory Through Your Child and Social Media

    Okay, so you didn’t get to be a professional ballplayer, dancer, actor, musician, beauty queen, or whatever. But you had kids to continue the dream. After all, if you couldn’t make it, they could, and you’re going to ride their success to the top with them.

    As your child climbs the ladder of success, after …

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    Reverse SEO May Save Your Personal Brand’s Bacon

    We’ve all done some stupid stuff in our lives. Some of it was even recorded. And if you’re really (un)lucky, some of that has even been put online for everyone to see.

    Maybe it was a youthful indiscretion. Maybe it was someone catching you off-guard. Maybe it was that time you stupidly posted eight different …

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    Building a Celebrity Brand Through YouTube

    As an aspiring entertainer, it used to be that you spent every waking moment working toward your dream, with only a small hope of ever bearing the fruits of your labor. For a musician, singing at dive bars and airport lounges, sending demos to record labels, and praying that someone in the industry could see …

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    7 Memorable Out of the Box Ways To Stand Out

    Personal branding inspiration you won’t likely forget any time soon.

    1) Do something amazing with a basic, everyday object

    Most people’s yoyo skills are limited to making one go up and down, if they can even do that, which makes Jensen Kimmitt all the more impressive.

    One of the things I love about this clip …

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    Personal Branding and the Digital Economy

    The world is changing and it’s going to have a monumental affect on every profession and person. The rules and boundaries have shifted as the internet and social networking have evolved into staples of our everyday lives.

    Change is inevitable – growth is a choice

    The world economy is in the process of going digital …

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    Twitter Personal Branding Q + A #1

    In this article, I take a look at the latest questions people are asking on Twitter about personal branding.

    Best Twitter personal branding tip

    Megan Miles Alba, @MeganAlba, twittered: wondering how to use Twitter to promote my personal “brand.” what’s your #1 suggestion?

    Jacob Share, @jacobshare: Try to help people with your expertise as much …

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    A Personal Branding Overview in 5 Short Video Clips

    Whether you’re new to personal branding or have already built a strong brand, there’s something for everyone in the personal branding video playlist below.

    The 5 clips run just over15 minutes in total.  Enjoy.

    The primary element in developing your personal brand

    Watch: Kaplan Mobray: 10Ks of Personal Branding

    The 3 fundamentals of a good…
    Read the Rest →
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    Susan Boyle – Personal Branding Perfect Storm

    If you haven’t seen the video of Susan Boyle, contestant on “Britian’s Got Talent”, you’ve been under a rock.  47+ million hits of her audition video have been recorded on YouTube and the numbers keep climbing.  In five days, Susan Boyle has become a global brand. Eat your heart out…she’s accomplished in 5 days what …

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