The One Word that Truly Predicts Success

All successful people in business do some of the same things really well.
They have mastery over 1) productivity, 2) connectivity, and 3) clarity about priorities. When you look at these three characteristics, they all boil down to one word. That one word is FOCUS.

Focus and Productivity

One of the most awesome characteristics of successful people is their productivity. They get a lot done in a minimum amount of time. They make stuff happen fast, not because they are working machines. Often they have tricks or shortcuts that simply double or triple their output.

Tip #1: Batch your work to become a master of productivity.

For every thing you must do more than once: do a bunch in one session. For example, if you use social media regularly: write up several educational or “evergreen” posts or tweets. “Evergreen” includes material that your community would benefit from, no matter what else is going on in the news. Then schedule them to post automatically.

Focus and Connectivity

Another remarkable aspect of successful people is their connectivity. When you look at who’s invited to TED, Aspen Institute, and other gatherings: you see a mix of movers and shakers in technology, media, healthcare, non-profit, government, and other fields. Successful people know a whole spectrum of other important people from different industries.

Tip #2: Scout your locations to become a master of connectivity.

Think of yourself as a talent scout. The biggest mistake I see at Starbucks is the “ear buds in, eyes down” posture. That is a sure fire way to never meet anyone. Whether you go into a classroom, webinar, coffee shop or store: situate yourself so that you can greet other people and ask a question about what they do.

Focus and Priorities

Successful people are 100% clear about what matters, and needs to get done, in what order. Simply put: they do the next thing next.

Tip #3: Deny the distractors to become a master of priorities.

Give yourself a big pat on the back each time you prevent something from pulling you off track. Set your phone alarm every two hours, so you know when you can take a break and check your texts, emails and calls. Eat breakfast so you don’t meander away from your work to find a snack. Book your work in advance onto your calendar, just like you would a meeting or date.