The Personal Branding Weekly and Daily LinkedIn Importance

PERSONAL Branding Weekly

This week we were challenged to live our life more curiously; what happens when there’s a huge disconnect between words and actions and the importance of criticism without being a  ‘door mat’.

In fact, if you missed any of them this week – they’re right here:

This next week we’ll go into great depth about  Personal Branding Heroes; How to look credible even when you don’t have all that much experience; and the prospect of how you manage having two personal brands.

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This week’s tip:  Daily LinkedIn Importance

Lately, LinkedIn has outpaced the growth of Facebook in Indonesia, proving to everyone that the site means business.

Out of all the social media networking sites out there, LinkedIn really is the only one where business people can connect with one another, make business connections and build their network.

Get to know your LinkedIn friends

If you are sending connection requests, make sure to introduce yourself in a personal, more human, and always professional manner.

After making the connection with a new person on LinkedIn, do a little research:

1. How are you connected?

2.Who are you both connected to?

3. What groups are you both connected to?

4. Any common frames of reference that you share?

5 And review history, company history so you really can understand the value of your connection.

Share Your Content

Share interesting facts about yourself or share your business expertise and provide valuable, helpful information to your connections to make yourself approachable. However, it is important that the things you share are still appropriate and professional, as you still want to sustain a professional reputation.

Share an interesting article you read online, a business related YouTube video, or photos regarding business, do not be afraid to share it with your contacts. The more you interact with your contacts, the better your relationships will grow as business contacts.

Interact with contacts

One of the best and most useful aspects of this popular social networking business site would have to be its ability to foster and participate in Q&A sessions that are currently happening on LinkedIn. This allows you to connect with each other and get to know one another ‘s thoughts, through pattern and resources.

Have a great profile

Last, but not the least; create a great profile, write it in third party so that it can easily be found via search, and have a professional photo for your profile image. Your profile is obviously the place where you can show to potential contacts what you do and who you are.

To do:

1. Decide on your LinkedIn strategy and the level of involvement in LinkedIn on a daily basis that will help you reach your desired goals.

2. Work your strategy steps into your plan in ways that make your goal inevitable.


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