The dawn of a new marketplace has arrived that has changed the best practices of just about anything you can think of. We are sitting at the largest inflection point since the industrial revolution with the rise of 2.0 technology, crowdsourcing, the reputation economy, and social media. To be blunt, everything that used to work best, no longer does anymore, and this decline will only escalate in the future.

Digest that thought – no, really, let it sink in deep. Real deep. To the very center of everything you used to believe about your personal brand, your job, your company, and how you sell and market to your customers.

Everything’s for sale

Then go through this slideshow from HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Mike Volpe and really….. really, think about the effect this will have on your personal brand, your business, and the ways you market and sell yourself, or your products and services. Also, keep in mind that in the new world we live in — everyone is selling something.

Customer 2.0 – Inbound Marketing with InsideView and Customer Think

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Here are some major shifts that are starting to drive innovation and change:

1.) Crowdsourcing
2.) Mobile technology
3.) Social media infrastructure and intelligence
4.) Personal Branding
5.) Reputation Management
6.) Inbound Marketing
7.) The removal of middle men from business models
8.) Wifi everywhere
9.) Social CRM
10.) Customer service 2.0