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  • There is No Free Lunch

    girl-1064658_640Subtitled: As the water cooler goes … So goes the company.

    • When the water stops being delivered …
    • When the sodas are not stocked …
    • When the Odwalla’s stop showing up …

    You know the free lunch is coming to an end.

    One simple observation is:

    As the water cooler goes … So goes the company.

    There is No Free Lunch

    No matter what they say, No matter what they do… There is no free lunch.

    Companies do break!

    Most companies work very hard to ensure customer continuity and care when it comes to sales and services.

    However, there are times where the company for whatever reason isn’t able to keep things going. Isn’t able to do a smooth handoff and transition. It happens. However, it is up to you to keep YOUR career going.

    In order for you to stand out in your career this is where you can play a role in your own career management. This is where you MUST play a role in your own career management. In the end … this is your career. Choose Wisely!

    Good Companies Work Hard to Effect a Smooth Transition

    When companies break. Most will try and give two or more weeks to help ensure a smooth handoff. This is both for themselves and for their customers and partners. However, when that’s not possible there are a few things you can do. Which are mentioned below. But, these aren’t only things. Add your comments and thoughts here so we can all learn from your wisdom (and experience).

    Ultimately, your career is yours to manage. Having a plan for tracking, monitoring, and handing off your tasks to incoming people is a skill. It is a skill that can also help you get promoted within the existing firm. So, the ideas I’m going to share below can be used both and your current career –whether you are handing things off or moving on to a new role.

    There are things you can do.

    For example you can document everything you’re working on. So that you can have a one folder handoff.

    • Consider having an OFTP – A One Folder Transition Plan. I wrote about how to use one here in The Fastest Way to Get Promoted, It’s a technique I learned from a friend in the military. And, it works for all types of transitions.

    Work to have an effective and smooth handoff. This is something you should strive for whether you are moving up or moving out. People will remember. They will remember how you handed things off and whether you left any loose ends. As part of your career management you want to strive for clean transitions at all times.

    Another option to think about are 3 x 3’s.

    • 3×3’s are a quick an easy way to track what you are doing that you can use as a quick and simple personal log and they can be used for your team and manager. I wrote about them here in What Have You Been Doing While I Was Gone.

    The intent of the 3×3’s is simple. They can be posted to a shared site or just stored on your local drive for your eyes only. 3×3’s are a quick way to track your progress and also as a way to set and achieve goals. A 3×3 is mainly just a quick way for you (or your team) to state:

    • What you’re going to do this week,
    • What you did last week, and
    • What you’re gonna do next week.

    As noted in the title here … There Is Not Free Lunch. This is not intended to instill fear or consternation. It’s also not supposed to be a way to have an excuse to bail on your commitments. Quite the contrary. When you are given the opportunity to move up or sideways in the organization these techniques can help you manage your career more effectively.

    They also can be used when the organization is making changes that impact you adversely. This is still your time to shine. Effecting and enabling a smooth and effective handoff is part of your legacy.

    What tools and techniques do you use to manage your career transitions?

    Don’t Fret. Prepare!

    So, if you think the end is near. Don’t fret, don’t worry, be prepared.

    If you see that the water cooler isn’t being replenished or the fridges aren’t being restocked or that the “free whatever” has tapered off. Never fear because this is your time to shine. This is your time to show that you can effectively and smoothly transition from one role to another. Even if that career transition is to another place. This is when you truly can stand out in your career.

    Jeff is an expert in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, and K2. He is currently consulting with Microsoft and partners to drive Community Engagement and Alliances. Follow him on Twitter @jshuey or on LinkedIn: in/JeffShuey

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