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  • Two Key Content Marketing and Social Media Ingredients

    Key Ingredient #1: Always remember that you are marketing to humans

    Spiro Pappadapolous is a speaker and consultant for restaurateurs and small business owners looking for ways to enhance their revenue through social media and emerging technologies.

    In a recent blog post, Spiro pointed out an important personal branding lesson:

    “You are marketing to humans.”

    Of course, we all know this…but the content we delineate into our marketplace often proves otherwise.

    Spiro points out the following: “Social media is not a broadcast medium, it is an interaction medium.” He notes the importance of participating in the conversation without selling all the time: “Share valuable information, share others ideas and services, say thank you, and root others on. Be a friend, a champion, and true to your beliefs. That is being human, being social, and being genuine.”

    Key Ingredient #2: Just be clear and honest

    Marketing Experiments, powered by MECLabs is an expert resource in optimizing marketing communications. In a recent webinar, the team turned to their research to uncover what kind of copy converts the most.

    Presenter Flint McGlaughlin gave attendees an easy-to-remember rule of thumb: “Clarity trumps persuasion.” So, here’s the secret to great copy: Be clear and honest.

    In the end, great content + social media = customers

    Wendy Brache builds and executes personal branding and online marketing strategy for executives and corporations in the high-tech sector. She is the author of Sales Force Branding: Differentiate from the Competition, and co-creator of the Sales Force Branding program. Wendy is a senior consultant specializing in B2B Corporate Social Media, Demand Generation and Marketing Automation, and is also a featured marketing technology speaker and columnist on renowned websites, such as Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, Chopra’s Intent.com and Denver’s GreatIdeasForKids.com.

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