Here are two posts that caught my eye this week. Neither was about personal branding, but both raised questions about personal branding that are worth discussing. What do you think?

If you want to be successful, be worth sharing by Jamie Varon

Do we damage our personal brands by overdoing the self-promotion? Jamie Varon writes, “… we don’t trust you to be a good enough gauge of how great you are. You can lie and tell me you’re the best, but are you? I need other people to crowdsource your greatness. And, if other people do this crowdsourcing, you won’t need to scream to me that you are worth my time. You’ll be shared, if you’re worth sharing.”

Pushing your personal brand too much comes off fake; like a marketing ploy. How much promotion is too much?

Gen Y needs boundaries for action by Rebecca Thorman

Is Gen Y ready to declare their personal brand? Rebecca Thorman writes, “… unbridled choice has us delaying marriage, children, and permanent employment – accomplishments that have traditionally defined adulthood. Not for Gen Y though. Brooks reports that fewer than 40 percent of 30-year olds have achieved these things versus 70 percent forty years ago.”

A personal brand requires a consistent message, but research shows that Gen Y is still evolving. We don’t know where we’ll be 5 or 10 years from now, so how can we define our personal brands?